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Watch a small taste of what is to come in this preview of my Sexy Mussel Pasta, which is perfect for date night. 

How - To's 
How To Make Birik 
  Watch as I show you how to make a traditional and simple dish called Birik. Birik is almost like a turnover or empanada. You can make them with Phyllo dough or with my cheap and easy substitute Egg Roll Wrappers. You can fill them with anything but growing up we usually filled them with eggs. 

How To Make Kefta
In This video I will show you how to make a North African Dish called Kefta. It's great for barbecues, as sliders, or sandwiched in between a piece of pita bread. 

How To Make Cucumber Salad
In this Stop Motion Film. The Best Cucumber Salad Recipe I've ever made comes to Life. This is quick, easy and cheap and I guarantee everyone will be asking you to make this again and again and again. 

Restaurant Reviews
Wok+Wine at The Shop In Brooklyn
     Join me as I go to my friend Matt's going away party. Watch me eat some amazing Shrimp and meet some incredible people at The World's Most Delicious Social Network aka Wok + Wine

Shanghai Cafe and Ten Ren's Bubble Tea in Chinatown 
My Girl Theresa shows the proper technique to eat a Dumpling and we wash it all down with some delicious Bubble Tea. On the way home we see a little old lady get arrested for selling fake Handbags on Canal Street.. eek. 

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