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New York   

Chef's - Italian Cuisine - Spaghetti Parmesan Done Right
They are famous for their Spaghetti Parmesan but that's not the only dish they're great at. 


Chelsea Thai - Thai Cuisine - Pad Kee Mow
I go back time and time again for their Pad Kee Mow but you should also try their Lemonade. They only have it in the summertime so get it while you can. Update: Now they take credit cards. 

Eleni’s Bakery - Amazing Cupcakes
I love cupcakes and I love their cupcakes. At one point I was eating 4 a day. Eek!

Flight 151 Bar – Flip Night – You Guess Right Your Drink Is Free
Looking for a good place to go and have a drink on a Tuesday night? Head over to Flight 151 on 8th Avenue and 17th Street for Flip Night. Guess Right and your drink is free. (more)

I used to hate Pinkberry but all that changed with two words Blood Orange.

Make your own sandwich and try the Banana Lemonade. 

Rocking Horse Café – Mexican Cuisine - Carne Cuisado, Guacamole
This is one of my favorite Mexican Restaurants in New York. 

Blue Ribbon All American - American Cuisine - Salt&Pepper Shrimp 
You can't go wrong with Blue Ribbon All American and they stay open late. 


Shanghai Café – Chinese Cuisine - Dumplings Yea!
A great place to get delicious and cheap Chinese food in Chinatown. 

Little Italy
A great place to get delicious and cheap Chinese food in Chinatown.  

Amy Ruth’s – Southern/Soul Cuisine - A Taste of The South Up North
I made the mistake of taking my Mom (who is Southern through and through) to a Soul Food Restaurant in Harlem that was not that great... I have never seen such disappointment in her face. But when I took her to Amy Ruth's I was redeemed. She still refers the rest of our family and friends to come here when they come to New York. 

Upper East Side  
Rosa Mexicana – Mexican Cuisine - LumpCrab Meat Enchildas - Delicioso!
If you are on the Upper East Side and are looking for authentic, flavorful Mexican food then you should definitely go here. Try the Pescado Al Guajillo - Chilean Seabass with PassionFruit Sauce or the Enchiladas De Jaiba - Lump crabmeat Enchiladas.

Sushi Seki – Japanese Cuisine - Sushi That Melts In Your Mouth
If you are a fan of Sushi you have to try this place. It is literally melt in your mouth Sushi. They stay open late too. 

Upper West Side 

Cafe Mingala - Burmese Cuisine Mango Chicken - Sweet and Succulent
My girls and I check out a really nice Burmese restaurant uptown. They Mango Chicken was delicious. 

Meatpacking District
Son Cubano – Cuban Cuisine - Goat Cheese Croquetas - I still Have Dreams About Them
I have dreams about the Goat Cheese Croquetas here. 

West Village

WD50 – Molecular Gastronomy – Everything Bagel with Lox - Willy Wonka Of Food
Some of the most unique and inventive food is here. 

The Rusty Knot – Tiki Bar - Pretzel Dogs and Pina Coladas - Ole
This a fun place to go to see some cuties. I constantly have cravings for their delicious pretzel dog. 

East Vilage 
Here you can get amazing fresh food without breaking the bank.

Their pizza sauce makes me go crazy!
I did it! I ate the hottest curry in the world and I reveal all the details and tricks in this posting. 

Diablo Royale Este – Mexican Cuisine -  Fried Oyster Taco
I don't like fried oysters but this taco was the best I've ever had!

Lower East Side

Freeman’s Restaurant - American Cuisine - Brunch Spot
This place reminds me of a hunting lodge in Europe. It's like taking a vacation without leaving New York. 

Van Leewen – Ice Cream Truck - Ice Scream for Van Leewen's
Natural and full of flavor. This is my kind of ice cream truck. 

This restaurant is worth the trip over the Williamsburg bridge. The menu changes and I have never tasted a bad dish. If you are in Williamsburg you must go here. It's great for groups too.



Bonaparte Restaurant - French Cuisine - Vanilla Pink Peppercorn Shrimp and Scallops
The Vanilla Pink Peppercorn Shrimp and Scallops here goes in the top 10 dishes of my life. 

Niagara Falls
This is like a more creative Canadian version of TGIFriday's.

United Arab Emirates 

Spectrum on One - International Cuisine - Best Brunch In Dubai
They do it big in Dubai and this Buffet Brunch is the most decadent brunch I have ever been too. No surprise it have been voted the Best Brunch In Dubai.


If these are the cakes that Maire Antoinette was talking about when she said "Let them eat Cake" then I would be down with that. 

Cruise on the River Seine - French Cuisine - Most Unique Dessert
The most amazing dessert I have ever seen in my life was on this cruise. 


Pierre Herme – French Bakery - Macaroon Master 
Learn about Macaroons from a Master. 


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