My friends and I celebrate my Birthday at the fun and hip Tiki Bar, The Rusty Knot. The Pretzel Dogs are my personal favs. 

I celebrate Michael Jackson's 51st Birthday at Nokia Theater. Afterwards me and my friend go to our favorite sushi restaurant Sushi Seki. 

If you have seen Exit Through the Gift Shop then you are familiar with the eclectic and eccentric Mr. Brainwash. I was a fan of the heart spray cans I must say. After checking out all that art and tagging my name on a few walls my girl and I go around the corner to Son Cubano for some delicious Cuban food. 

When I was in French Class with Mrs. Savage she used to always say "The River Seine is the heartbeat of Paris." So naturally I was super excited to go on a River Dinner Cruise on the Seine. The icing on the cake or should I say the Framboise sauce on the chocolate was the dessert. The MOST AMAZING DESSERT I've ever seen in MY LIFE. Check out the video clip at the bottom of this entry. 

I eat the Hottest Curry in the World!

My two favorite things Cupcakes and Jake Gyllenhal. I blame the sugar high for the things that resulted after I saw him at Magnolia. 

Check out all the cool and new products I got to test out at the Fancy Food Show.

When I was growing up we always had movie night every Friday and I would pick The Last Unicorn to watch and my favorite food Spaghetti with Meat Sauce to eat. This is an ode to those memories with my brother. 

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