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    Silicon surge voltage suppressors

    Silicon surge voltage suppressors

    Transient voltage suppressors are effective protection devices against repetitive and non-repetitive over voltages caused by events like electrostatic discharging or during inductive switching. They have symmetric blocking characteristics with avalanche breakdown capability.
    The 5SSA and 5SSB silicon surge voltage suppressors are best suited for power thyristors, transistors and IGBTs (insulated-gate bipolar transistors) against small and medium power surges (eg 200 kW over 10 microseconds). They allow to use thyristors with lower voltage capabilities and much smaller snubber circuits.
    5SSA and 5SSB silicon surge voltage suppressors consist of a diffused pnp-Si-wafer mounted with pressure contact in a hermetically sealed metal-ceramic-package.

    Part   numberVRToleranceIRM   for base widthTVJMRthJHHousing
    ** = VR/100VTVJ =60°CTVJ =60°C10μs100μs1ms10ms


    5SSA 50R**00500, 600±60500135337.5125600R
    5SSA 38R**00700, 800±60380100254.5125600R
    5SSA 30R**00900, 1000±6030080214125600R
    5SSA 26R**001100, 1200±6026067183.6125600R
    5SSA 23R**001300, 1400±6023058153.4125600R
    5SSA 20R**001500, 1600±6020050133125600R
    5SSB 50X**00450, 550±50500135337.5125500X
    5SSB 38X**00650, 750±50380100254.5125500X
    5SSB 30X**00850, 950±5030080214125500X
    5SSB 26X**001050, 1150±5026067183.6125500X
    5SSB 23X**001250, 1350±5023058153.4125500X
    5SSB 20X**001450, 1550±5020050133125500X
    5SSB 30X**001650, 1750, 1850,   1950±5030080214125250X
    5SSB 26X**002050, 2150, 2250,   2350±5026067183.6125250X
    5SSB 23X**002450, 2550, 2650,   2750±5023058153.4125250X
    5SSB 20X**002850, 2950±5020050133125250X

    ** = VR/100V