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    Busbar Application in Power Grid

    Busbar Application in Power Grid

    The proven quality of our products is based on internationally leading design and manufacturing concepts, combined with state-of-the-art production equipment. Our talented engineers have many years of experience in producing busbars.Whether our customers wish to develop a completely new solution, optimize a design or just produce their existing design under optimized conditions, we are your dedicated partner for laminated busbars.


    Project: Yu-E HVDC light ±500KV Laminated Busbar


    Voltage: 2200V DC

    Current: 1250A

    Dielectric Strength: 5.0 KV -AC-60s, No breakdown, no flicker.( Leakage Current ≤ 2mA)

    Partial Discharge:<5PC @ 2000V AC

    Project: “Zhoushan” DC Breaker ±200KV Laminated Busbar-274


    Voltage: 4500V DC

    Current: 200A

    Dielectric Strength: 10KV -DC-60s, No breakdown, no flicker.

    Partial discharge: ≤10PC @ 3600V AC

    Project: “Xiamen” HVDC Light ±320KV Laminated Busbars



    Current: 500A

    Project: Zhangbei HVDC Light ±500KV Laminated Busbar


    Voltage : 2000V

    Current: 800A

    Dielectric Strength: 7.0 KV -AC-60s, No breakdown, no flicker.

    ( Leakage Current ≤ 3mA)

    Partial Discharge: ≤10PC @ 1200V AC