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    DynAmp LKAT

    DynAmp LKAT

    The LKAT Plus combines high current measurement and reverse or overcurrent protection into a single rugged system. Based on innovative OLOPTM technology which is designed to accurately and reliably measure uni- and bi-directional DC and AC bus currents up to 100kA. The LKAT Plus consists of a two-piece measuring head, constructed to match the dimensions of the measured bus, electronics enclosure, mounting hardware and interconnection cables.


    The LKAT Plus is particularly well suited to measure power rectifiers outputs for control and protection purposes in electro-chemical processes such aluminum, chlorine, copper, manganese, titanium, zinc, electroplating, etc.


    Key Features

    ? True bi-directional performance. Ideal for difficult magnetic applications.

    ? Setpoint relay can be used for reverse or overcurrent protection of rectifiers.

    ? Extremely compact with excellent environmental specifications for installation flexibility, inside or outside.

    ? System includes Accuracy Diagnostics.

    ? Optional digital display can be scaled for DC or RMS.


    Input : Full Scale Bus Current 5kA to 100 kA FS

    Upon approved DynAmp Bus Analysis

    Output : Output Signal Range -20mA… 20mA

    10V maximum burden

    Typical Output Signal Scaling BUS Signal Output

    DC 0kA = 0mA or 4mA

    +FS = 20mA or 20mA

    DC w/ reverse or AC - FS = 4mA or -20mA

    0kA = 12mA or 0mA

    + FS = 20mA or 20mA

    Protection Relay Factory Scaled

    DC 0 to +FS

    DC w/reverse or AC -FS to +FS

    Rating 250VAC / 30VDC, 3A

    Timing 10mS

    Measurement accuracy** ±0.75% of FS or better

    Repeatability ± 0.1% of FS or better

    Linearity ± 0.1% of FS or better

    Temperature sensitivity** + 200 ppm / o C

    Optional Digital Meter In electronics enclosure


    Input : Universal power supply 85 to 264 VAC RMS,

    @ 47 to 440Hz or

    110 to 250 VDC

    Power requirements 30VA max.

    Mains impact on accuracy 120VAC: +0.001% FS

    (Variation per Vrms) 240VAC: ± 0.0005% FS

    Isolation ( Hi-Pot tested at 60Hz )

    Head to output 6.0kVAC for 1 minute

    Mains supply to output 1.0kVAC for 1 minute

    Mains or Output to chassis 2.0kVAC for 1 minute


    Operation : Head -20o to 80oC

    Electronics :-10o to 50oC

    Storage : System -20o to 65oC


    Measuring head weight 2…8 lbs/1…4 kg typical

    Electronics unit weight 10 lbs / 5.5 kg estimate

    Cables Head connection 2 @ 33 Ft / 10 m std.

    Signal output 1 @ 100Ft / 30 m std.

    Mains input 1 @ 33 Ft / 10 m std.

    Enclosure Head/Electronics IP65