Friday, January 16, 2015

Grace 1720

Grace 1720 is located in the Forum in John's Creek. I love going here for lunch. It has an upscale atmosphere but still decently priced. 

They start out by giving you the most incredible bread basket with their famous pumpkin bread. It is absolutely to die for. It has an amazing brown sugar crumble topping. I can't get enough of it. They also have a really good poppy seed bread. 

Normally I order one of two dishes, the Chicken Salad Sandwich or the Lamb Burger. Those are my two favorite dishes they have. Each one comes with a side. I chose the Truffle Chicken Salad Sandwich as my entree and a side of Caesar salad.

 As an appetizer, I started with their creamy tomato bisque soup. The tomato bisque soup has a creamy tomato base with just the right amount of acidity. It's very well balanced with a hearty sophistication. And it goes perfectly with the pumpkin bread. 

The truffle chicken salad sandwich comes on a buttery croissant. The chicken salad has nice chunks of chicken breast, coated in a truffle infused mayo with lettuce and tomato. I like to add swiss cheese to mine. 

The Caesar salad has fresh romaine lettuce, generously tossed in a house made Caesar dressing. It has parmesan on top and house made croutons.

Grace 1720 is a great place to go for brunch, an intimate date, lunch with a co-worker or for a meeting with a client. 

Don't forget to try their pumpkin bread.  

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