Friday, March 16, 2012

Cake - if you want it put your name on it

I love cake. It is one of those pleasures in life that just brings a smile to my face every time the tiniest morsel enters my mouth. But not all cake is created equal. So when I judge a cake I judge it on the following criteria.

Flavor of Cake
Moistness/ Consistency of Cake
Flavor of Icing
Texture of Icing
How complementary are the cake and icing to each other
Overall appearance of Cake

Based on my above cake laws I have found my caketopia and in the most unlikely of places.
My new favorite cake is.... Drum roll.. Whole Food's cake.

It is honestly the most moist, perfectly flavored (it has little nuances of spices in the batter) cake I have ever had. I love it so much that I hoard and hide it in the fridge, so no one else can eat it.

I recently got my hands on a few slices for my Congrats on being able to legally drive now party.

Nevertheless, if you can get our hands on it ... Just Do It!

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