Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bloomberg Party Event

Ana and Me

My friend Ana invited me to come to the annual Summer Bloomberg party on Randall's Island. Mayor Bloomberg rents Randall's Island and turns it into an awesome day of food and fun for his employees and their guests. We met on the west side around 60th street and were whisked over to the island by water taxi. 

View of the Bloomberg Party from the Water Taxi

I thought this signage was so cute on the walk towards the entrance to the party

Entrance to the Bloomberg Party

We entered through this massive, lit up entrance and were welcomed by a marching band and cheerleaders. I was excited. It was like a huge carnival for grown up and kids alike. 

The Marching Band that Welcomed Us

Notice the Trampoline Artists above the pink tent in the upper right corner

They had trapeze artists, contortionists and concerts going on in the main area of the island. 


Concert Stage in the Main Area

Sand Castle Display

As you continue to walk around the island there are all kinds of delights for the eyes and stomach. Above is a beautiful sand castle that was on display. 

Ladies on Stilts

Jamaican Beef Patty

They had Jamaican beef patty stands, freshly made kettle corn, fish and chips but my favorite one was the Crepe stand. The Crepe stand came in very handy too because even though for the most part it was a sunny day, at one point it started torrentially raining and I was able to seek refuge under the crepe stand. 

Freshly Popped Kettle Corn

Fish and Chips

Crabcake Sliders with Coleslaw

They also had a crab and shrimp bowl. We waited in line for about 30 minutes. This was the most popular part of the party. It was nice though because while we were waiting in line they had people bring us little sliders to munch on. 

My friend Ana and I waiting patiently for our crab and shrimp boil. 

The waiter pouring the first serving onto our table. Yummy!

Yes we did ask for seconds. 

This was the refreshment tent. Their speciality drink was a Pimm's Palmer. 

Ahhh! I was so stuffed I had to relax for a minute. At this moment I was thinking "Now this is the life."

They had lots of games for families to play. This is an oldie but goodie, bean bag toss. 

Here you could make your own ice cream sundae.

My second favorite part of any carnival, after the food--- the games. People were really getting into the Shoot the hoop game. 

After we were well rested, we went to the roller skating rink but they were closing it up, so they could turn it into the disco. Instead of rolling around, we danced the night away with an awesome dj and some sugar crazed little kids. 

I saw my girl's peach cobbler and I had to get one for myself. You know. Being a Southern peach and all. 

Peach Cobbler with whipped cream

Me and the girls

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