Sunday, July 31, 2011

Carmine's Restaurant and In The Heights Review

My mom was in town so we decided to go and see In The Heights. In the Heights is a musical on Broadway that follows a group of characters, over the course of three days, that live in the neighborhood of Washington Heights. I heard wonderful things about the show so I was super excited to see it. The music was lively, the characters were funny and witty. I felt like I was there living with them. I loved it. It was one of the more enjoyable, touching shows I have seen on Broadway in a long time. If you haven't seen it, you should! 

After the show we went to Carmine's. Carmine's is a family-style Italian restaurant that has been in the Times Square area since 1992. It can be kind of touristy at times but the food is off the charts. If you want to eat here, advanced reservations are a good idea. Especially since, every time I've ever been here it's been packed. 

We started off with the amazing Spaghetti with meat balls. Ohhhh Mama Mia!!! My mouth is watering on the keyboards just thinking about this dish. The pasta was hot and cooked perfectly al dente. The meatballs were moist and juicy and had the most incredible meaty flavors. The sauce hugged the meatballs like a long- lost lover's embrace and it coated the pasta like a mother covering her child with a blanked on a cold night. Not to mention the sauce was seasoned just right and the consistency was the perfect combination between not too thick and not too soupy.  

My mom loves bread pudding so when they had the special of chocolate chip raisin bread pudding, I knew that was what we would be ordering. It came with a side of fresh whipped cream and strawberries. I am not a huge fan of bread pudding but this version was delicious. The texture was closer to a savory cake. The flavor of cinnamon, chocolate and raisin added a nice sweet element. All in all, if you can get a reservation Carmine's is a restaurant that does not disappoint and it's perfect for large groups. 


Dora Romero said...
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Micaela Boland said...

My mouth is watering as I read your blog! I love moist and juicy meatballs too. Can’t wait to eat spaghetti at long island catering halls.

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