Friday, February 18, 2011

PinkBerry Blood Orange Frozen Yogurt - Review

Normally, I do not like PinkBerry. In fact, almost every time I have tasted a sample I have an immediate gag reaction. That was until today. I was walking with my friend Kim on this beautiful Friday to pick up lunch. On the way we passed PinkBerry and she said “Oeewhhh. Pinkberry.” To which I said “I hate Pinkberry.” And I have noticed that every time I say “I hate Pinkberry.” My friends give me a look like I have a third leg and I was getting tired of it. Each time I taste Pinkberry I always want to like it because it seems to bring everyone who eats it so much joy. But since I was not ready to back to the cold, dark Edit room it was off to Pinkberry we went.  

Right when we walked in there was a huge sign that said “Blood Orange Is Here.”  I mean talk about good advertising because I was like I’ll have a sample of that. As soon as I tasted it I was hooked. It was delicious. I was so happy because I was in the cool crowd now and regular ice cream was for the birds. It’s all about the frozen yogurt peeps.

I decided to top my Blood Orange Ice Cream with Blood Orange segments, Mango, Kiwi, Yogurt Chips and Swirl Whip which is a mix of yogurt and whipped cream. It was absolutely refreshing and delicious. The blood orange segments added to the flavor of the Pinkberry yogurt. The mango added a nice floral note. The kiwi was a little tart and the seeds added tiny bursts of crunchiness. The yogurt chips were sweet and also added a welcomed change in texture from the soft ice cream. The swirl whip was sweet and creamy and the perfect endnote for this newly converted Pinkberry Fan.

If you’re reading this now take a break and go enjoy the amazing day!!!!   


Jo said...

I am not normally a frozen yogurt fan either - especially the one my boyfriend likes with the yoghurt and then chocolate and caramel chips - it just doesn't taste right. I prefer good old traditional greek yogurt with honey and banana.

mass girl said...

Oh my. I wish I lived in NY right now so I had better access to Pinkberry. Blood orange frozen yogurt???? Sounds amazing.

As you enter the Foodista site prepare to take your senses on a vacation. said...

@Jo and @ Mass girl - Thanks for reading!! I really appreciate it!!
@Jo - Greek Yogurt with honey and bananas sound amazing!!! You've inspired me to do a dish with that!!

@ Mass girl - Well you have to plan to visit NYC:) - Spring is coming soon so the weather should be really nice. Perfect for blood orange Pinkberry goodness!!

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