Monday, January 24, 2011

Swich - Wholesome Sandwich Company - Lunch Review

{Swich Lunch Combo with Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Edamame with Mint and a Banana Lemonade}

The age old question I ask myself every week.... What should I eat for lunch?

Now I take my omnivore's dilemma very seriously and as a result I know most of the lunch and dinner spots around my work very well.

 Swich - The Wholesome Sandwich Company, I had heard really great things about this healthy sandwich chain that had been popping up all around NYC, and I decided it was time to try it for myself.
 I walked in and must admit I was overwhelmed with the amount of choices. Do I pick from one of their sandwich specials or do I create my own? Do I want a sandwich or salad? After stuttering back and forth over my choices and holding up the line for a good few minutes I chose my lineup.

Spicy Chicken on a Ciabatta Roll with Spinach, Tomato, Swiss Cheese, Mayo, and Honey Mustard. 

{Edamame with Mint}

My sandwich also came with a small side of edamame, which was both salty and refreshing from the chiffonade of mint mixed in. They also had a Banana lemonade that looked really good. The employees were ranting and raving about it.

All in all I have no complaints about Swich. If you're looking for a decent and healthy spot to get a sandwich then I would definitely try this place. Also their Banana Lemonade is rockin'. It has the sweetness of a typical Southern Lemonade with an added sophistication from the banana.

104 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
(212) 488-4800

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