Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Food For Thought - Magnolia Bakery, Phaal Curry, and Vanilla Shrimp Review

When I look back at some of the dishes I have eaten, memories come rushing back of my friends, relationships and past love. Memories forever ingrained in my sensual psyche. 

Magnolia Bakery - Friendship with a Dash of Stalkerness

In autumn, my best friend Meredith and I would go to Magnolia Bakery, which was a block away from her house. 

We would wait in line with anticipation, hoping by the time we got through those glass- paned, white wooden doors, that our favorite flavors were still standing beautifully there for us. My favorite Magnolia Cupcake was always the pink icing with yellow cake. Meredith's was the chocolate on chocolate. 

Once we got in, we would rush over to the window sills where the cupcakes rested, select our delicate treats and place them carefully into their stiff, white cardboard boxes. When they had my fav's, I would look over at Meredith and we would laugh with such happiness, without a care in the world. Before we got to the register, we would start eating at least one cupcake, enjoying ever morsel together. Ahhhh!! The sweet taste of Success!!

As I bit into the fluffy, buttery yellow cake and licked the thick, pink frosting I could feel the first rush of sugar take over me. It pulsed through my veins like a tingily spritzer, bubbling, lithly through. This became our regular ritual that was forever changed when one day we saw the man we both wanted to marry.

He was standing in the window carefully choosing his cupcakes, with a half -smile on his perfectly chiseled face that would melt the sun. He had crystal blue eyes that flickered like a diamond as the light hit them. As he gracefully lifted his head and slyly manuevered to the cash register, his true identity was reavealed. It was Jake Gyllenhal - Jakey my Jakey!! My mouth dropped sending yellow cake crumbs to the floor. Meredith clutched my arm and without a word to each other, we instantly pursued. 

Like a lion hunting its prey, we slowly stalked just far enough not to be noticed. We passed through crooked alleyways and backstreets of the West Village. Then just outside of Intermix our friend Julie called to us. With a simple glance and non- verbal head nod, she joined in the hunt. 
Will we catch up to him? What will say if we do? What will he say? These questions raced through my mind.
The thrill of the chase excited us, sending us into a tailspin of giddiness and awe until **POOF** he was gone. He disappeared down a back alley, leaving us to momentarily reflect on our mutual stalkerness.

Brick Lane Curry House - Past Love

Now the Phaal Curry at Brick Lane Curry House reminds me of one of my past loves. Everyone warns you that you're treading on dangerous territory before you eat this curry; and you know they're right but curryosity has you. Once the charming dish arrives in front of you, you ask yourself,  Do you go down the path or do you give up and walk away?

You decide to jump in because you're different, you're daring and life is too short. It looks so intriguing resting before you, aromas that entice your nose and a beautiful plethora of colors, some you have never seen. 
The first bite touches your tongue and the spice starts to set in. It is warm at first and a little pleasurable. You're not quite sure what's happening to you or how to describe this elated feeling you have. And you love it.  It's fun and exciting. It takes you to a place where you never have been before. 
Then as time progresses it gets to be too overwhelming and spreads like a dull pain all over your senses trying to force you to submit. But you can't stop, you try and keep trying but you can't. Something just keeps pulling you in. And even when it's over, the pain still lingers, constantly reminding you of what you had.

Bonaparte Restaurant - Relationships

There is a dish at a place in Montreal, Canada called Restaurant Bonaparte that I just can't get out of my head. 

The lightly salted, pan seared shrimp and scallops in a vanilla, pink peppercorn sauce is one of those dishes that is exactly what you want and need.  Imagine the most unbelievable flavors dancing a quartet in your mouth with high jetes and pirohuettes.  While it doesn't last forever it dances a dance that you can never forget. A dance of pure harmony, pure love and celebration.

Food For Thought

All of my food memories relate back to the life I have lived so far. My food memories are filled with disasters, mistakes, love, friendships, obsession, loss and a sense of home. They bring constant reminders of a need to explore and change. And each day  I find new things to eat, and new things to love. I find new places to explore, new challenges to face and new memories to remind me that it's not the destination but the journey that's so sweet. 

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Mary said...

I am afraid you can't marry Jake, he is mine! lol! wow, cupcakes and jake all at the same time..overwhelming!

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