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Best Taco in New York City at Diablo Royale Este Review

On Friday Night my friend Noah invited me to dinner at a new/ recently reopened restaurant in the Lower East Side (L.E.S) called Diablo Royale Este.

Diablo Royale is a Mexican restaurant with European influence and a Nuevo twist.  The culinary theme and cultural fusion is seen clearly in their Croque Monsieur Chimichanga dish.

{Aisha Foodista, India, Jarvis - Manager of Diablo Royale}

The décor is a unique cross between a Mexican Ranch and a 1920’s speak easy. On the main level there is a full service bar, seating , and an open kitchen. Open Kitchens are a plus in my book because you can see your food being prepared.

{Diablo Royale Bar}

{Diablo Royale Este Lower Level Interior}

The stairs to the lower level are lit with Jesus Cristo candles that kept screaming fire hazard to me, as my coat almost caught on fire a few times. But I must admit they created an ambience that was dangerously romantic. 

{Diablo Royale Antler Chandelier}

The love seats and sofas were upholstered with a mix of Mexican Falsa blankets and leather pin cushion fabric. The Mexican Falsa blankets added a nice bit of color and feminine accent to contrast the masculine details, like the antler shaped chandeliers and wooden beam ceilings.

{Diablo Royale Este Downstairs Interior}

Personally, the first time I try a new Mexican restaurant I judge it on how well they make two specific dishes: Tacos, and Fajitas. The reason why is because to make either of these two dishes takes skill, creativity, and love. 
You need the skill to make sure you don’t overcook the food and that you execute seasoning properly. 
The creativity comes in with the toppings and use of ingredients, especially with Tacos. 
The love acts as the glue holding the other two skills together. It also adds the final element in creating a great dish. I mean let’s be honest, you can tell when a dish isn’t made with love.

{From Left To Right: Grant, India, Jarvis}

My friend Grant ordered the Chicken Fajitas right away so I decided to go with the Tacos. Plus, I wanted to try a variety of their flavors. My final selections were the Ancho Tuna, Grilled Skirt Steak, and the Fried Oyster.

 {Chicken Fajitas}

    {Left to Right: Grilled Skirt Steak, Ancho Tuna, Fried Oyster Tacos}

Ancho Tuna Taco- The Ancho dusted Tuna was perfectly seared and had a wonderful peppery, fresh flavor. The guacamole and mango salsa complimented the Tuna but was a tad bit overpowered by its Star. Overall the Ancho dusted Tuna was very tasty. I bet it would be really good on a Salad too.

  Grilled Skirt Steak Taco- Parts of the Black Angus Skirt Steak were cooked medium rare, which I didn’t mind but it made it harder to eat because it was very chewy. It was served on a corn tortilla with a chipotle crema that added a nice kick. The caramelized onions and pico de gallo got a little lost in comparison to the flavors and texture of the steak. This was one of the more filling tacos but beware it’s very messy.

   {Right to Left: Fried Oyster, Ancho Tuna Tacos}

 Fried Oyster Taco- It’s funny because when I looked at the menu it immediately caught my eye, but the strange thing is I am not a huge fan of Oysters. But my favorite by far was the Fried Oyster Taco. It was a bite of genius. The other tacos were good but this was great.

If I had one word to describe the Fried Oyster Taco it would be OMIGOSH! 
My friend India hates tacos passionately. I basically forced her to eat this kicking and screaming and she loved it too. Out of all the entrée’s at the table, this was the big hit.

The Masa – Coated Oysters with their generous salt and pepper crust were crispy fried amazingness. They had the perfect amount of breading not too much that I can’t swallow and not too little that I couldn’t get a satisfying, crunchy bite. 
Then there was the tangy, lemon- cumin aioli that added the most incredible, yet simplistic addition. They could have just slapped on some sour cream but instead they used the creamy component  to impart more flavor. The lemon tantalized my tongue and lingered on the roof of my mouth. The cumin added an instant burst of spice and savoriness. 
The cucumbers and cilantro added a freshness. The plantains and sweet canela (Spanish for cinnamon) gave the final note of sweetness, which complimented the lemon- cumin aioli and rounded out the whole dish. It was truly sublime! Even if you don’t like Tacos or Oysters you will love this Taco.

If the food at Diablo Royale Este stays this consistent I have no doubt it will become a fixture on the Lower East Side Culinary scene.

Some Other Favorites 

This Tequila Grilled Shrimp Appetizer was delicious and they're not skimpy with the portions.

{Tequila Grilled Shrimp}

My Friend India ordered the Quesadilla. She said it was really good. 


My friend Noah ordered the Adobo Spare Ribs and although it was one of the tricker dishes to eat he enjoyed it. He used the half knife - half hands technique to cut into the ribs.

{Adobo Spare Ribs}

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