Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rocking Horse Cafe -I Like The Way It Hurts - Chelsea NYC Review

I love spicy foods. I definitely get it from my Daddy. His obsession with spicy foods has been well known in our family since before I was born.

At Rocking Horse Cafe, which has become one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, located in Chelsea, NYC, They have this one dish called Carne Guisado that I crave. Translated from Spanish Carne Guisado means Meat Stew.

Now, It may sound a little deep but for me food triggers sensory memories. Sometimes of joy, sometimes of pain.  Oddly enough, Rocking Horse Cafe's Carne Guisado reminds me of a bad romance.

Salsa Rojo with Tortilla Chips

Guacamole with 3 relishes & warm handmade corn tortillas

I went with my friend Mike. We started off with the Guacamole with 3 relishes. Duck cracklings, pickled shallots, and Papaya Pico De Gallo. It was incredible! Each relish added a different and complimentary flavor to the creamy guacamole.

Take a look at the picture below... It's okay I'll wait. Look at how creamy that guacamole is.

Guacamole with 3 relishes & warm handmade corn tortillas

The duck cracklings were a trio of sensuality; salty, crunchy and fatty. 
The pickled shallots added a wonderful crunch and acidity that cut the creaminess of the guacamole perfectly.
The Papaya pico de gallo was an unexpected treat. It was simply out of this world and a must try. The sweetness added the perfect finish to this appetizer. 

Bistec en Recado herb marinated Cedar River Farms natural hanger steak with garlic mashed potatoes, red wine escabeche

My friend Mike had the Bistec en Recado. Translated from Spanish it means Seasoned Steak.

He really enjoyed it. Of course I had to have a taste, in the name of research. And I must say, It was a very well balanced dish. The addition of olive oil was very clever because it cut the acidity and the heaviness of the steak perfectly.
The steak was very moist, wonderfully seasoned and had a nice grilled flavor. The fried onions provided a welcomed sweetness and crunchy texture. The garlic mashed potatoes were muy delicioso.

They also had Escabeche, which in this case was referring to a pickled hot pepper. But it can also refer to a different dish, called the same name, that is popular in Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine. The later version of Escabeche is a seared fish is marinated in a vinegar and herb sauce and then served either cold are at room temperature.

Carne Guisado jalapeño braised brisket in rich tomato-lime broth over garlic mashed potatoes

Carne Guisado jalapeño braised brisket in rich tomato-lime broth over garlic mashed potatoes

I ordered the fiery, Carne Guisado. Before I bite into it I see what I am about to get myself into. I feel the anticipation of the impending heat. I get excited about the tempestuous journey I am about to embark on. I see and smell the danger, the element of unknown. Will I be able to handle it? Will I like it? All these thoughts pulse through my mind.

I take the first bite and the heat creeps up slowly, teasing each taste bud on my tongue, carrying the spice further and deeper into the crevaces of my soft and vunerable mouth. I lick my lips and the pain sets in. The dull heat engulfs my senses and causes me to exhale and wince. It's really hot but I don't want to stop eating. With the heat brings so many complex flavors of smokiness. Ah, the rush! The Thrill!

 I am drawn in by the creaminess of the mashed potatoes, the acidity of the lime; and in that moment, the tomatoes, jalapenos, and succulent brisket melt in my mouth. They gather together like a phoenix making its nest before self combusting. My taste buds are blinded and changed by this heat. The taste becomes something different. And As the flavorful phoenix goes up in flames, new flavors are reborn from it's ashes. There is a brightness and a darkness to this dish that keeps you wanting more. Just like a bad romance.


HOurs           BRUNCH
Saturday and Sunday 11am - 3:30pm

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Monday - Thursday 5pm - 11pm
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Sunday 4pm - 11pm


                   Appetizers: 6.95 - 9.95
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Desserts: 6.95

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