Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shanghai Cafe - Chinatown

Coming to NYC or if you're already here... Check out Shanghai Cafe in Chinatown for Delicious, Cheap eats.

Below are some pics and a video so you can get a better idea of what Shanghai Cafe is like. I loved the Scallion Pancakes. They were so flaky and delicious. They were the best Scallion Pancakes I've ever had. In the video my girl Theresa also shows you the proper way to eat a dumpling. 


Steamed Dumplings - 
These are what Shanghai Cafe is known for.

Beef Lo Mien -
The noodles were perfectly cooked. The beef was juicy and succulent

Shanghai Style Noodles with Shrimp - 
The sauce seeps into the noodles and they go from crunchy to moist and soft.

Scallion Pancakes - 
The best I've ever had. 

Aisha Foodista - {in Pink dress} and May {in black shirt}


Sia said...

Your page always makes me sooo hungry!!! I finally got my page up...a few technical problems but ill figure it out later!

miss ya, can't wait to make it to NYC!!!

Sia said...

Hey I forgot to leave my blogger site...its!

Anonymous said...

You look so pretty!And those dumplings look good. YUM!

Your long lost BFF!

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