Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mr. Brainwash and Son Cubano

After a fun time exploring the works of art in Mr. Brainwash's Gallery in Meatpacking this past weekend, my girl Sam and I decided to grab a bite and I was craving the amazing Goat Cheese Croquetas with Honey Sauce at Son Cubano. 

{Goat Cheese Croquetas}
If you've never been Son Cubano, it has the upbeat vibe of Meatpacking but once you walk inside it feels like you've stepped into Havana, Cuba. You hear the cantador singing as you are greeted; and feel the ritimo of the dance as ladies are swept off their feet, only moments after finishing their sweet, succulent maduros. Son Cubano is definitely a great spot to check out, if only for their tapas. And I mean let's get real when you're going out to eat how can you beat good food and entertainment all wrapped into one?. 

{Their Shrimp and Mushroom Special}

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