Thursday, May 20, 2010

May Is Burger Month

May is Burger month and for me a great Burger is defined by 3 main elements:

The bun, the Burger Patty, and the toppings.

The bun is the glue that holds the Burger together. There is nothing like when you first bite into a juicy burger and you get that nice, firm, flaky, buttery, bite of bread. I like to use mini brioche buns or dinner rolls for my sliders because I like their texture and flakiness.

As for the patty, there's nothing wrong with the classic burger patty but what better way to celebrate burger month than with something a little new and different. I decided to switch up an American classic with a North-African twist by using a recipe for Kefta that has been in my family for generations.

Kefta is a very popular appetizer in North African and Mediterranean cuisine. Kefta are tiny patties made from ground meat, usually beef or lamb, and are packed with flavors of cumin, turmeric, paprika, onions and parsley. They are rolled in flour and lightly fried to seal in all the juices and amazing flavors. They are normally eaten by themselves but they also are perfect for making sliders.

Now let's be real here, what is a burger without its toppings? So we're going to sauté diced Vidalia onions and grape tomatoes in a little olive oil to make a succulent tomato- onion confit. Then we're going to julienne celery, cucumbers and chop cilantro to give our sliders a fabulous and healthy crunch; top it off with a little goat cheese and you have a Slider worthy of celebrating May's Burger month.

But we can't forget the sides. So to compliment our sliders we're going to fry up some sweet Vidalia Onion Rings and give them a little kick with some cayenne pepper. After such a delicious meal you can wash it all down with my signature GA Peach Milkshakes.

Burgers, shakes and onion rings an American classic with a new twist. Remember you always want to take that extra time to add a little dash of happiness to all your meals.

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