Monday, April 5, 2010

Phaal Curry Challenge Results- Brick Lane Curry House

I went with one of my friends Mr. Stedy Ruckus to take on the Phaal Curry Challenge. We both ordered the Phaal Curry with chicken and waited with anticipation as the waiter told us horror stories of people passing out after they ate it, which I admit did strike a little fear in me. But luckily for me one of my friends had done the Challenge the week before and he told me that I would definitely be able to handle it since I love spicy foods. He also warned me that it's not the heat that will get you but the amount of food.

About 20 minutes later.. duh duh duh... it arrives. My friend Stedy Ruckus aka Stedy Curry and I had discussed what strategies we were going to employ. We decided to go with the eat as fast as you can method.

But as I took my first bite I knew I was in trouble. I could taste the heat from the ghost peppers and then it was like a dull, hot pain on my toungue that spread all through my mouth. Bite after agonizing bite I chomped through sipping mango lassi througout hoping that the sweetness from the mango and the milk proteins in the milk would ail my aching tongue.

However, the eat as fast as you can method worked out great for Sted because he ended up breaking the record for the fastest time. He downed the spiciest curry they had in an amazing 7 minutes.

{Stedy Ruckus aka Stedy Curry and Aisha Foodista}

It was a true battle of the tortoise and the hare because I ended up with the record for the slowest time, a phenomenal 2 hours. I know kinda sad... but our dynamic duoism must have impressed because the head chef came out to meet us.

{Head Chef in the White Coat}

He regalled us with tales of the people who attempted the challenge before us and teased that he didn't make it spicy enough because I was eating it so slow and my friend had eaten it so fast. We assured him that he hadn't because it definitely was hot.

{My last bite}

But let's dispell some myths we learned about the Phaal Curry Challenge:

Has anyone ever died?
No. There has been no record of anyone dying. Just people passing out.
Is there a time limit?
No. But they probably will put a time limit now because of me.
How many people actually complete the Phaal Curry challenge?
A little under 50% complete the Phaal Curry Challenge. The majority of people give up.

Has anyone ever eaten it twice?

Yes. There is a man who comes almost every morning when they open and only orders the Phaal Curry, eats it in under 15 minutes and then leaves.

Do you have to eat it all?
Yes. You have to finish is all. And they will check your plate.

Tips I would give someone who wants to try it:
Don't give up.
There is a lot of food so come hungry.

Try not to drink anything. If you can. I drank like 3 mango lassi's and that made it harder for me to finish.

Try to eat it as fast as you can. The curry is not only hot but it's also a little bitter so it's not the most enjoyable thing to eat.
Good luck and most importantly have fun with it :)

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