Thursday, May 20, 2010

La Duree - Let them Eat Cake


{Versailles Marie Antoinette's Bed}

{Versailles Marie Antoinette's Bed}

{Versailles Marie Antoinette's Bed}


When I stepped into La Duree it was like I was transformed, I felt like Marie Antoinette. I was surrounded by my French Court who were waiting in line behind me, whispering amongst themselves with excitement; As I gracefully gazed upon each delectable treat carefully selecting only the best. 

"Madame are you ready" asks the clerk as I am suddenly brought back to my current reality.
"Oui" I reply. "I will have that one"
"Ah. Excellent choice Madame". He replies.

I anxiously return back to the Ritz Paris Hotel in Place Vendome where I was staying and hurry up to my room. I could not wait to savor every morsel of this amazingly beautiful confection. 
As I cut through each layer I am more and more surprised. 

The first layer a Rose Whipped Cream, simply divine. The second layer Strawberry Iced Eclairs with a Strawberry Cream  Filling. At he center of this massive pastry was an incredible pool of Raspberry Filling.  And the Final layer was a Raspberry Iced Doughnut with Vanilla Cream Filling. C'est magnifique!! Now I know why Marie Antoinette said let them eat cake. A cake this good I would gladly eat for a long, long, long, time. 

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