Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You are What You Eat - 5 Foods to Stay Healthy

Here in New York with the autumn leaves comes colds and sore throats. So here are some foods to continue the fight to stay healthy in spite of the person sneezing in your face on the subway.

Oatmeal - contains selenium, zinc, and beta-glucan nutrients which help to build your immune system.

{Cheat in a good way}

Yogurt- helps to fight colds because of the living healthy bacteria, aka probiotics.

{Try Stonyfield farm}

Hot Tea- helps fight viruses and relieve inflammation.

{ Try steeping your favorite Green or Chamomile tea with Ginger slices}

Dark Honey- has protective substances that help pick up the free radicals produced by the cells in our bodies, aka antioxidants.

{Adding Lemon is a good way to cut the sweetness of the honey and makes it easier to swallow by increasing saliva glands}

Chicken Soup - the saltiness of the broth helps to thin mucous and reduces inflammation.

{Try my recipe for Arabian Nights Chicken Noodle Soup}

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