Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thai You Got to Try - Chelsea Thai

{Chelsea Market - 75 Ninth Avenue}

{Pad Kee Mao... ummmm delicious}

In Chelsea Market, you will find fresh ingredients and delicious restaurants to try in one area. For a great lunch or dinner spot look no further than Chelsea Thai.

For $8.51, I ordered their delightful noodle dish called Pad Kee Mao with chicken. (Pronounced - Pad Key Mow).

This is a favorite amongst the employees where I work. It's so good that if you're walking down the halls chances are the sweet basil smell filling the air is Pad Kee Mao.

The cool thing is if you like spicy you can customize the intensity by adding extra "kicks" they go up to 5.

I did 3 once and barely made it through the dish. I usually get 2 1/2 and that's enough to have me wincing with a slight pain that never felt so good.

According to one of the workers, there was one reported case of a woman trying 5 kicks, despite being warned. After her first bite, her face turned bright red and she had to be escorted out by her friend. But if you're daring maybe you could handle it.

One of the unique things about Chelsea Thai is their green chiles come from a special farm that us regular folks would be lucky to get our hands on. These chiles are responsible for the dish's fresh, dynamic spiciness.

But if you can't handle spicy you can get it without. The flavors of sweet basil, scallions, sauteed onions and their special sauce will be more than enough to make you a satisfied believer.

They aren't skimpy on their portions so you may even have some left over for lunch the next day.

Some Things to Know:
They ONLY take Cash.
Make sure you get a Preferred buyer card.
After 12 you get a free meal. Who can say NO to that?

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